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ALL EVENTS   Reservations and Prices Le Jardin Milan

If you are looking for a nightclub in Milan where you can have fun until dawn with the best music, excellent cocktails and a wild dance floor, then Le Jardin is definitely the perfect choice for you.


Strategically located in Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo, 51, 20134 Segrate MI, Italy, Le Jardin is one of the hottest nightclubs in Milan, renowned for its unique atmosphere and for its wide range of events.


Whether you are a techno, house, commercial or hip hop music lover, Le Jardin is able to satisfy all musical tastes thanks to the best DJs on the Italian and international scene.


The club also has a lounge area where you can relax and enjoy a drink prepared by our highly qualified barmen, ready to serve you the best cocktails in town.


And if you want to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or a corporate event, Le Jardin also offers a reservation service for private tables and a VIP area, where you can enjoy an unforgettable evening with your friends or work colleagues.


Don't miss the opportunity to experience a unique evening in one of the most exclusive clubs in Milan. Contact us now to book your entrance to Le Jardin and make sure you spend an unforgettable night in the capital of Italian nightlife.




locandine_disco (post instagram (quadrato))

The most exclusive nightclub in Milan, Le Jardin, is about to present the most awaited party of the year: the spectacular Summer Opening on May 5th and 6th!

Whether you are a fan of electronic, house or pop music, Le Jardin will give you an unprecedented entertainment experience, with the best international and local DJs performing on stage and keeping you dancing all night long.

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Le Jardin Milano and discover the unique sound that has made this club famous throughout the city. Reserve your spot now and get ready for a night of endless fun.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the legendary Summer Opening of Le Jardin on May 5th and 6th and live an unforgettable experience in the most exclusive nightclub in Milan. Contact us now to book your entrance and get ready to dance until dawn!


- Admission to the aperitif from 20:00 at a cost of €15 with a drink and buffet.

- Fixed menu meat dinners €50
- Fixed menu fish dinners €60

- Admission in the evening from 11.00 pm at the cost of:
Woman €15 with drink
Men €20 with drink

- Tables starting from €200 basic for every 5/6 people and €250 premium for every 5/6 people.

Bottle list
Vodka 200 base 250 premium


Möet €250
Möet €300
Crystal €700
Domp 650€
Domp rose 1000€

Frequent questions

What are the prices at Le Jardin?

The price of admission and of the tables at Le Jardin Milano varies according to the evenings. In general:


  • Aperitif: €15 with drink and buffet
  • Admission in the Evening: From €20 for men or €15 for women
  • Tables with bottle and entrances: starting from €200
  • Table with Bottle in the Privée: starting from €250

Reservations Le Jardin Milan, how to do?

To book a table at Le Jardin or reserve an area for a private party, it's simple:

  • Send a whatsapp message to +39 3452680994
  • Call +39 3452680994
  • Fill out the form at the end of the page

Where is Le Jardin located in Milan?

Il Le Jardin si trova in Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo, 51, 20134 Segrate MI, Italia

Indirizzo Le Jardin Milano: Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo, 51, 20134 Segrate MI, Italia

Opening Hours Le jardin

Monday .......................

Tuesday .....................

Wednesday ................

Thursday .....................

Friday ....................

Saturday ......................

​Sunday .................

On request

On request

19:00 - 05:00

19:00 - 05:00

19:00 - 05:00

19:00 - 05:00

19:00 - 05:00

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We are at your disposal 24/7. We book your evening and take care of everything from then on.

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